Our Director and Lead Educator – Jannah Davies

A message from Jannah:

As a little one I loved to dance, role play and listen to music. At 3, mum took me to our local dance school, and from the moment I arrived I was happy, involved and engaged. It was meant to be! I feel so lucky to be working in this field and sharing my love of the performing arts with young people today. 

The performing arts allow individuals to put their own stamp on their work. There are so many right answers when being creative and therefore scope for those involved to make a contribution and elevate their self-esteem. The importance of tolerance, understanding and celebration of diversity are developed through the arts with experiences in dancing, singing and dramatic play. Children learn critical thinking and problem solving, collaboration and focus, perseverance and confidence through performing arts. These will carry over into other areas of their education and indeed their lives – valuable skills for the future. 

Let me help you to educate and inspire young people in your care through the performing arts!


A little bit about me 

I began my training in dancing, acting and singing at an early age, training and performing for all of my primary, secondary and university education.
I hold a Bachelor of Education majoring in Dance and Drama and am registered with the Victorian Institute of Teachers.

I was Director of Drama at Avila College and Ruyton Girls’ School before moving to Sydney to teach at Sydney Church of England Grammar School-Shore. On my return to Melbourne, I taught at Xavier College. 

Students under my tuition have achieved outstanding results with many being asked to perform at Top Class for VCE Drama and several going on to work in the Performing Arts. 

I created Dance and Drama Directions to deliver incursions in kindergartens and primary schools, assisting educators to meet learning outcomes for the children in their care, as well as providing Director/Choreographer services for secondary schools, running workshops, adjudicating Performing Arts Festivals and facilitating productions.