Dance & Drama Directions workshops provide children with the opportunity to learn and develop self-awareness, confidence and creativity through performing arts. Our sessions are filled with drama, dance, music and fun, all in the context of curriculum learning outcomes. 

We come to you to deliver engaging and fun workshops that meet your curriculum needs. Fully flexible, we can tailor our workshops according to your planning and programming throughout the term, and we are also available to present education sessions to your staff. 

Other performing arts services include choreographing musicals, adjudicating performing arts festivals, and preparing senior students for auditions and performance exams.

Helping Educators Fulfill Curriculum Requirements

All workshops are carefully planned to align to the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework and the Victorian Curriculum. They are always dynamic and engaging and welcome children’s own ideas and interpretations - this is where we find the fun! 

Young minds are inspired and encouraged by a variety of themes and musical genres. There is a strong emphasis on imagination and immersion in the moment.

Engaging Children Through Dance and Drama

Dance and drama provide opportunity for all personalities and abilities to gain meaningful learning experiences and achieve specific educational outcomes at the same time. Through our workshops, children are given opportunities to engage and develop confidence and expression.